To be married on a beach or any other area affected by the maritime-terrestrial territory, the parties must request the authorisation to occupy public maritime-terrestrial domain from the Territory and Sustainability Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya, which can be processed online.

Prior to the resolution of the authorisation request, the Coastal Service must request the report from the municipal government where the parties wish to conduct the activity, and the service shall decide whether to award the permit within a one-month period.

Prior to starting the request, the following restrictions to be applied must be taken into account:

  • Beach wedding ceremonies are not authorised from 1 July to 31 August.
  • From 15 to 30 June and from 1 to 26 September, beach wedding ceremonies are only allowed on weekdays.
  • The requests to celebrate a marriage on one of the beaches from the municipality of Palafrugell will only be accepted if one of the partners is registered in Palafrugell, or if the banquet after the ceremony is held in one of the municipality’s accommodations or restaurants, which must be confirmed with an approved quote (deposit payment proof must be shown) or with a confirmation letter from the selected company.
  • If the request which arrives to the Palafrugell municipal government complies with these restrictions, its features will be studied and, if no other scheduled activity impedes the ceremony, the request will be accepted.

The request must be made online with the following form: Annex for the Authorisation to occupy public maritime-terrestrial domain  which must include the following information:

  • Description of the activity.
  • Municipality.
  • Site to be occupied (beach, passageway, overlook, etc.).
  • M2 to be occupied.
  • Time and date when the space will be occupied.
  • Elements to be installed.
  • Vehicles, if necessary.
  • Number of people involved.
  • If it is restricted or public.

Plan to scale which details the exact location of the place which is intended to be occupied. This space must be marked with a box. (The website of the Institut Cartogràfic i Geològic de Catalunya has topographic maps with a 1:5,000 scale which can be downloaded).

– For foreign individuals requesting authorisation, documentation must be provided which confirms that the person making the request is a citizen of a member state of the European Union; otherwise, the parties must provide the following documentation, which must confirm compliance with the conditions and requisites established in articles 147 and 148 of the Regulation of the Law of the Coasts, without prejudice to the provisions established by the special laws to grant concessions and authorisations to foreign residents:

  • Certificate issued by the competent body as proof of the reciprocity in their country of origin for Spanish nationals.
  • Certificate issued by the Revenue Agency which accredits that the party has a tax residence in Spain.
  • Declaration confirming compliance with the conditions required by the Spanish legislation on public sector contracts to contract foreign residents.

Taxes: In accordance with article 84 of Law 22/1988, regarding the Coasts, the Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Maritime Environment, through its provincial services, shall notify the amount of the fee which must be paid, in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation, of 30 October 1992.

To process the authorisation request, the following taxes will be applied:

  • To occupy the space for less than one year: 184.00 euros.

The tax is confirmed at the time when the request is presented, without prejudice to the favourable or unfavourable ruling of the corresponding resolution, including those for the requests which directly contradict the provisions on the current legislation concerning the coasts. Without prejudice to other public prices or fees required by other administrations. The process is started once the tax has been paid.

For its part, the municipal government will charge a tax for the management and use of the space.

When is the response received from the Administration? The maximum length of time that the APRA Administration has to resolve the request is four months (article 146.13 of the General Regulation of the Law on Coasts).

What type of response is received? The general director of the Territorial Ordination and Urban Planning Department shall resolve the authorisation request, which will be notified at the address listed on the request or alternatively by email, where the notification will be received if the applicant has chosen this option.

Is it possible to appeal a decision? The express resolution of the concession or denial of an authorisation request does not put an end to the administrative path. Interested persons can appeal within a period of one month, starting from the date of the notification of the resolution, an appeal in accordance with the provisions of articles 114 and 115 of Law 30/1992, of 26 November.

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